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Alabama Workers Compensation Questions: (34) Am I entitled to Money for Pain and Suffering?

Alabama Workers Compensation Questions: (34) Am I entitled to Money for Pain and Suffering? No. Workers who have experienced job injuries are entitled to those benefits set forth in Alabama’s Workers Compensation Statue and only those benefits prescribed by the Legislature; pain and suffering is not one such benefit. In Alabama, if a worker has Read More

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Logging-Second “Worst” Job to have according to Survey

According to an article I read the other day, “Loggers are listed as the number two worst job to have in America, and for good reason. Fifty-five loggers died back in 2017 due to fatal injuries while on the job, and an additional 350 workers sustained non-fatal injuries. The average logger makes about 40,000 a year.” Read More

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New Marriage Law in Alabama

Getting married in Alabama is now as easy as having your signature notarized (and we have two notary publics at Powell and Denny). Seems a lot of fuss by the Legislature just so Probate Offices in the State don’t have to give Marriage Licenses to same-sex couples, but you have to remember that when our forefathers Read More

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Can I still bring a claim for workers’ compensation benefits if I did not immediately file an injury report?

Please remember- it is not an accident report that is to be filed, it is an INJURY report. This is not just a matter of semantics. Under Alabama law, employers are to file an injury report once they have been informed that one of their employees believes that they have suffered a job injury; there Read More

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Occupational Disease

If you work in Alabama, you are not only entitled to workers’ compensation benefits when you suffer a work injury, you also may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you suffer a job illness which leads to a permanent loss–this is called an Occupational Disease. An occupational disease differs from a typical situation where Read More

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