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Social Security & Workers’ Compensation: Hire an Attorney Who Does Both

Social Security & Workers’ Compensation: Hire an Attorney Who Does Both

Many people don’t even know they will have a social security claim when they first get injured at work and so they don’t consider the implications for social security benefits at that time. These matters are often confusing to lawyers and even judges. At Powell & Denny, P.C. we work almost exclusively on workers compensation and social security claims. Representing clients in Birmingham, Huntsville and throughout Alabama, we focus on helping people who are disabled and can no longer work. If you think you might need surgery for you worker compensation injury please consider calling us today as many of these issues may be in your future.

Powell & Denny: Alabama Lawyers for the Disabled

If you have a workers’ compensation injury that is severe and makes you disabled, you should also consider filing for social security benefits with the Social Security Administration.

  • But getting a check for social security benefits and a workman’s compensation check at the same time can cause problems. Even if you win a workers’ compensation case for your on the job injury then you may have problems with your social security checks, even though you applied for social security long after your case settled. Workers compensation settlement checks can make your payments for social security benefits lower as the Social Security Administration looks at all your income to determine the benefits you are owed.

You want to get the most money out of your workmen’s compensation check and your social security check and getting attorneys that focus on both can be helpful.

  • Another issue to consider is that many people specialize in work where a single injury may keep them from ever working again. If you have done just one job, or one kind of job for your entire life, you may be considered a specialist and even though the injury would not keep others from returning to work it may be the kind of injury that puts you on social security. If you have been put at MMI, had an FCE done or had a vocational evaluation performed then you may need to consider hiring a lawyer that does both social security and workers compensation because this means the insurance company is already evaluating your ability to return to work.

Whether you were hurt at a construction site or you were a nurse lifting a patient ,you may end up making an application for social security benefits. If you handle your workers compensation case by yourself, you may encounter problems with Medicare. Closing out medical benefits in an Alabama Workers compensation case without consulting a lawyer is very dangerous as it may prevent you from receiving Medicare benefits in the future.

Many people do not have a lawyer present at their hearing and they do not understand all that is at risk when they go to a hearing to close out medical or other benefits. Before you sign any workers compensation settlement paperwork you should consult with a lawyer, as it may have effects on your Social Security claim.

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