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How to File for Social Security Disability Benefits

How to File for Social Security Disability Benefits

Understandably, many people assume they will automatically qualify for Social Security benefits (SSD/SSDI) based on their disability. This is not always the case. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration denies the majority of claims the first time.

Filing for Social Security benefits can be confusing and overwhelming. At Powell & Denny, P.C., in Birmingham, we are committed to guiding you through the application process. We will fight to help you obtain the medical and financial support you need. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Focused on Every Detail of the Application Process

For more than 45 years, our law firm’s Social Security Disability attorneys have handled claims similar to yours. We have a clear understanding of the application process. Your chances of approval depend in part on the accuracy and comprehensive information included in your application, such as:

  • Medical history — Consult your doctor to make sure the Social Security Administration is provided a comprehensive analysis of your medical condition.
  • Work history — Convey your work history in your application for Social Security benefits. The type of work you have performed could influence your eligibility for benefits. Examiners need to know if your disability has limited your ability to perform your job.
  • Educational background — Incorporate your education and vocational background to show the type of jobs you are qualified to perform. This level of detail can be an important parameter to show examiners your medical condition has prevented you from earning a living in your industry.

The Social Security Administration will pay for a consultative medical exam, when appropriate. A doctor will meet with you and will then submit a report outlining your disability. At Powell & Denny, P.C., we have a firm understanding of the Social Security Disability claims process. We will walk you through every step, while advocating your right to obtain disability benefits.

Handling Denied Claims

If your application is denied, act quickly to file an appeal within 60 days. We, the lawyers at our law firm, will request a hearing before an administrative law judge if your request for reconsideration is denied. Our legal team will work with your medical doctor to effectively prepare for this hearing.

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