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Alabama Workers Compensation Questions: (1) Do I have a Claim?

Alabama Workers Comp Questions: (1) Do I have a Claim? In Alabama, for an injured worker to have a compensable workers’ compensation claim, several hurdles have to be cleared. First, the injured worker must actually be an employee of the defendant. While this may sound simple, at times huge battles erupt between defendant’s over who actually Read More

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Tow Truck Operators: 4th Most Dangerous Job in America:

Tow Truck Operators: 4th Most Dangerous Job in America: Did you know that according to a 2016 study by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (a federal agency under the United States Department of Health and Human Services), being a Tow Truck Driver is the Fourth Most Dangerous Job in the U.S. (click here to Read More

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I just want to be treated fairly pt. II

Birmingham Workers Compensation Lawyers I just want to be treated fairly: As we mentioned in our blog yesterday, a large percentage of injured workers who call us do so because they do not believe that they are being treated fairly by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Most of these complaints center over the difficulty Read More

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Hurt at work but told that you are not an employee? Don’t Give Up

Two years ago we shared a post which stated that, “according to the U.S. Department of Labor, approximately 30 percent of companies misclassify at least some employees. In total, about 42.6 million employees may be misclassified right now. The IRS and the Department of Labor have launched a campaign to root out these employers.” Alabama Read More

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I just want to be treated fairly

Birmingham Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: I just want to be treated fairly: I freely admit that I love college football; I’ve had season tickets since graduation and enjoy going to games with my family. One thing I’ve noticed during games is that when any player is injured-regardless of which team they play for, the crowd always Read More

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Tractor-Trailer Operators Rank 6th for Job Injuries that Involve Missed Time from Work.

If you are a truck driver for one of Alabama’s numerous transit companies (Alabama Freight, AMX Trucking, Boyd Brothers, Baggett Transportation, BPI Transportation, Malone Freight, etc.), this article by the U.S. Department of Labor isn’t shocking in the slightest-but it caught me by surprise. According to the Department of Labor, Heavy and Tractor Trailer Truck Drivers Read More

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Convenience Store Clerk Jobs amoung the Most Dangerous

In my experience-and as attested in the attached article- one of the jobs which leads to the most job injuries in Alabama is that of a convenience store clerk. At first glance, this may seem counter intuitive, but upon reflection it makes sense. While iron workers, steel workers, construction workers, C.N.A.s and other jobs require more Read More

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