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Suffered a Work Injury?  Don’t Give Up

Suffered a Work Injury?  Don’t Give Up Have you suffered a work injury in Alabama and feel as though the deck is stacked against you?  Are you struggling to receive the medical attention you need and feel as though no one is listening to your concerns?  DON’T GIVE UP; that is exactly what the workers Read More

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Alabama Workers’ Compensation Terminology

Alabama Workers’ Compensation Terminology If you have suffered a serious job injury, during the pendency of your Alabama workers’ compensation claim you will come across terms and abbreviations with which you are probably unfamiliar. With this in mind, following is an excerpt from a handout we used in a meeting with a local union on Read More

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Need a Second Opinion?

Alabama Workers Compensation Attorneys Need a Second Opinion? While I disagree with this lawyer calling another one a “scumbag,” our firm also often receives calls from injured workers whom have been given pretty bad legal advice. Just earlier this year I met with an individual who stated they injured themselves at work and that they hired Read More

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Alabama Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Take a moment to watch the attached video (click here)-and think about how poorly injured workers in Alabama are compensated compared to the rest of the Nation. Alabama workers deserve better. Contact your State Representative and tell them that our workers deserve better!!  Better yet, email them a copy of this video, and if you Read More

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Alabama Disability Attorneys: Schizoaffective Disorder

“The moral of the story: do what they say you can’t. Accomplish what they said you never would. Be the person you were told you’d never be. Stay strong, defy odds and don’t let anything hold you back.” As this piece (here) wonderfully shows-one can have a full, rewarding and exciting life with a mental illness Read More

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