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Workers Compensation and Working at Home

Workers Compensation and Working at Home We have previously written blogs on what a person needs to show in order to have a valid workers’ compensation claim in Alabama, but to summarize that blog, a worker has to be able to show that (1) they were the employee of the defendant, (2) that their employer had 5 Read More

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Back Injuries   

Back Injuries             If you work in Alabama and do physical work, such as construction work, production work, Healthcare duties, etc., eventually you will most likely have a job accident and suffer a back injury while performing your job duties.  Most workers who suffer a back injury do not suffer a serious injury, although a badly Read More

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Meet with an Attorney from the Safety of Home

Meet with an Attorney from the Safety of Home Over the last 3 months thousand of Americans have lost their lives to COVID-19.  The coronavirus pandemic lead to our economy shutting down, and fears of an even resurgence as we attempt to reopen.  We are not through this yet, and we are still being warned Read More

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Healthcare Workers and Back Injuries

Healthcare Workers and Back Injuries Did you know that healthcare workers suffer more musculoskeletal injuries than workers in any other industry?  Healthcare workers (such as nurses, certified nurses’ assistants (CNA), physical therapists, orderlies etc) know this, but most workers think that people who work in construction or manufacturing suffer the most back injuries, but they would Read More

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Workers Compensation and Coronavirus

Workers Compensation and Coronavirus This article is sad, and shows how very little most politicians know-or care-about injured workers or workers’ compensation benefits. Workers are told to get back to work, but then politicians want to prevent them from receiving workers’ compensation benefits should they incur COVID-19. In their rush to please businesses (way too often Read More

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