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Alabama Workers Compensation Injury Herniated Disk

Alabama Workers Compensation Injury Herniated Disk Powell and Denny have been representing injured workers in Alabama for 28 years, and during these years we have represented hundreds of workers who suffered a herniated disc while performing their job duties. A herniated disc (also called a herniated disk, a herniated nucleus pulposus, disc protrusion, disc extrusion, Read More

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Alabama Job Injury Torn Rotator Cuff

Alabama Job Injury  Torn Rotator Cuff One of the most painful job injuries a worker in Alabama can suffer is a torn rotator cuff.  It is not only the injury itself, but the surgery and recovery which can cause pain.  If you are not careful, you can easily re-tear the rotator cuff during physical therapy Read More

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Can I get disability benefits for lupus

Can I get disability benefits for lupus? Lupus (more formerly called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or SLE) is an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system attacks normal, healthy tissue and may result in symptoms such as: inflammation, swelling and damage to one’s joints, skin, kidneys, blood, heart and lungs.  Systemic lupus is a condition which waxes Read More

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Back Injuries   

Back Injuries             If you work in Alabama and do physical work, such as construction work, production work, Healthcare duties, etc., eventually you will most likely have a job accident and suffer a back injury while performing your job duties.  Most workers who suffer a back injury do not suffer a serious injury, although a badly Read More

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