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Do Workers’ Compensation Laws violate Human Rights?

The attached article is about the United Nations looking at the Canadian Workers’ Compensation system to determine if their laws violate the Human Rights of Injured Workers.  Specifically, the U.N. is looking to The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  The Convention is intended as a human rights instrument with an explicit, social development Read More

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Healthcare Workers suffer job injuries at a much higher rate than the general populace

The attached article states that “[t]he rates of workplace violence in health care and social assistance settings are five to 12 times higher than the estimated rates for workers overall, according to a Government Accountability Office report from last year… [and] when it comes to attacks, more than 75 percent of the nurses questioned in a Read More

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Need a Second Opinion?

Alabama Workers Compensation Attorneys Need a Second Opinion? While I disagree with this lawyer calling another one a “scumbag,” our firm also often receives calls from injured workers whom have been given pretty bad legal advice. Just earlier this year I met with an individual who stated they injured themselves at work and that they hired Read More

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Professional Truck Drivers and Rotator Cuff Injuries

Professional Truck Drivers and Rotator Cuff Injuries Through the last 27 years, we have handled quite a few workers’ compensation claims for truck drivers-both Over-the-Road and Local drivers. The injury we have seen the most are rotator cuff tears, which this article states is the second most common injury suffered by professional truck drivers (back injuries Read More

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Healthcare Workers and Back Injuries

Healthcare Workers and Back Injuries Did you know that healthcare workers suffer job injuries to their back and neck in a greater percentage than any other industries? Healthcare workers (such as nurses, certified nurses’ assistants (CNA), physical therapists, etc) know this, but most workers think that people who work in construction or manufacturing suffer the Read More

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Alabama Workers Comp Questions: (12) What are TTD Benefits: Temporary total disability benefits?

Alabama Workers Comp Questions: (12) What are TTD Benefits: Temporary total disability benefits? Temporary total disability (TTD) benefits is the name given to the workers’ compensation check a worker who was injured at work receives during the period of time they are unable to work due to their job injuries. TTD benefits have three defining Read More

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Logging-Second “Worst” Job to have according to Survey

According to an article I read the other day, “Loggers are listed as the number two worst job to have in America, and for good reason. Fifty-five loggers died back in 2017 due to fatal injuries while on the job, and an additional 350 workers sustained non-fatal injuries. The average logger makes about 40,000 a year.” Read More

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The Effects of Pain

Alabama Job Injury Lawyers Effects of Pain A few years back I had some serious health problems, and in an 8 month span I had to undergo 4 surgeries. During my recover, I learned something about pain I never knew before. Sure, I had broken some bones growing up, had 2 concussions while playing football, Read More

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