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Alabama Job Injury Torn Rotator Cuff

Alabama Job Injury  Torn Rotator Cuff One of the most painful job injuries a worker in Alabama can suffer is a torn rotator cuff.  It is not only the injury itself, but the surgery and recovery which can cause pain.  If you are not careful, you can easily re-tear the rotator cuff during physical therapy Read More

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Back Injuries   

Back Injuries             If you work in Alabama and do physical work, such as construction work, production work, Healthcare duties, etc., eventually you will most likely have a job accident and suffer a back injury while performing your job duties.  Most workers who suffer a back injury do not suffer a serious injury, although a badly Read More

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Workers Compensation and Coronavirus

Workers Compensation and Coronavirus This article is sad, and shows how very little most politicians know-or care-about injured workers or workers’ compensation benefits. Workers are told to get back to work, but then politicians want to prevent them from receiving workers’ compensation benefits should they incur COVID-19. In their rush to please businesses (way too often Read More

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Job related deaths on the rise

Job related deaths on the rise 5,250 workers died on the job in the U.S. in 2018, the latest year for which statistics are available, according to the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is a 2% increase over 2017. In Alabama, 89 workers lost their lives in a job-related accident, and increase of Read More

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Little Fraud by Workers Found in Workers’ Compensation Claims

Little Fraud by Workers Found in Workers’ Compensation Claims The attached article from an insurance journal discusses fraud in workers’ compensation. The author tells how “certain schemes and scenarios are addressed, another pops up elsewhere, costing insurers and employers more than $7 Billion per year, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.”* The fraud discussed is Read More

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Workplace Injury – Psychological Problems

Workplace Injury – Psychological Problems Five months ago, an armed utilities engineer went on a shooting rampage inside the Virginia Beach Municipal Complex. 12 persons were killed, but hundreds more were injured-both physically and mentally. Five months later, 450 city employees have filed for workers’ compensation benefits related to the shooting. The mountain of claims represents Read More

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Schizophrenia and Social Security Disability Benefits

Schizophrenia and Social Security Disability Benefits Schizophrenia is a horrible mental illness which affects roughly 1.2% of Americans (3.2 million). According to the attached article, it is estimated that 70-80% of persons who suffer from schizophrenia fail to respond to antipsychotic treatment. That means that somewhere between 2,240,000 – 2,560,000 Americans who try to battle against Read More

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Alabama Workers Compensation Questions: (11) I want a second opinion about whether I need surgery:

Alabama Workers Compensation Questions: (11) I want a second opinion about whether I need surgery: If you work in Alabama and have suffered a job injury, you are most likely entitled to benefits under Alabama’s Workers’ Comp law. Part of your rights under our Worker’ Compensation Law includes your right to medical treatment. As we Read More

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Workers’ Compensation: A Short History

Before the advent of workers’ compensation laws in the 1900s, this zoo employee would have been left on her own to deal with her injuries as working with a Tiger would most likely be considered an assumption of the risk and a legal defense to any legal action on her part. The law concerning compensation for Read More

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