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Alabama Job Injury Torn Rotator Cuff

Alabama Job Injury  Torn Rotator Cuff One of the most painful job injuries a worker in Alabama can suffer is a torn rotator cuff.  It is not only the injury itself, but the surgery and recovery which can cause pain.  If you are not careful, you can easily re-tear the rotator cuff during physical therapy Read More

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Healthcare Workers and Back Injuries

Healthcare Workers and Back Injuries Did you know that healthcare workers suffer more musculoskeletal injuries than workers in any other industry?  Healthcare workers (such as nurses, certified nurses’ assistants (CNA), physical therapists, orderlies etc) know this, but most workers think that people who work in construction or manufacturing suffer the most back injuries, but they would Read More

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Alabama, Coronavirus and the War on Injured Workers

Alabama, Coronavirus and the War on Injured Workers We have written several articles over the years detailing how Alabama has among the worst workers’ compensation benefits in America (click here), to the detriment of our injured workers (here). Unfortunately, this War on Workers’ Compensation is continuing here in Alabama during the current national crises. Earlier Read More

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Coronavirus, Grocery Store and Convenience Store Workers

Coronavirus, Grocery Store and Convenience Store Workers I have already a few articles in Insurance Journals discussing the ramifications of employees coming down with coronavirus. Insurance companies are not really sure how to deal with this, although the initial impression seemed to be to deny the claims as showing it is “work related” could be Read More

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The Real Face of Fraud in Workers’ Comp

The Real Face of Fraud in Workers’ Comp In 2016, Reagan Kemple lost his life while battling wildfires in California, leaving behind a wife and 2 children. When Mrs. Kemple sought workers’ compensation benefits she was told that her husband’s employer did not have coverage because they did not have any employees—everyone who worked for them were Read More

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Fired After Reporting a Job Injury

Fired After Reporting a Job Injury The story attached to this blog reports how the United States Postal Service has apparently been targeting injured employees and either firing them or making their jobs unbearable so that the injured worker would quit their job. This program has been in place for the last 5 years. During this Read More

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Being Injured at Work is not Illegal

Being Injured at Work is not Illegal This is a nice article written by someone who was shocked that his workplace injury wasn’t the worst part of his workers’ comp claim-but dealing with his employer afterwards. Inferences that he was faking, pressuring him to return to work before the doctor thought he could, isolation from his Read More

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