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Healthcare Workers and Back Injuries

Healthcare Workers and Back Injuries Did you know that healthcare workers suffer more musculoskeletal injuries than workers in any other industry?  Healthcare workers (such as nurses, certified nurses’ assistants (CNA), physical therapists, orderlies etc) know this, but most workers think that people who work in construction or manufacturing suffer the most back injuries, but they would Read More

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Coronavirus, First Responders and Workers’ Compensation

Coronavirus, First Responders and Workers’ Compensation Earlier this week I wrote about how insurance journals were busy exploring the potential ramifications of coronavirus infections and workers’ compensation claims. Insurance companies are not really sure how to deal with this, although the initial impression seemed to be to deny the claims as showing it is “work Read More

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Can I Get Disability Benefits for Raynaud’s Disease

Can I Get Disability Benefits for Raynaud’s Disease Raynaud’s Disease is a rare condition which affects your arteries and is marked by brief episodes in which the blood vessels are narrowed. Raynauds generally effects the blood flow to the fingers and toes, but it can also affect one’s nose, ears, nipples and lips. Cold temperatures Read More

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Workplace Injury – Psychological Problems

Workplace Injury – Psychological Problems Five months ago, an armed utilities engineer went on a shooting rampage inside the Virginia Beach Municipal Complex. 12 persons were killed, but hundreds more were injured-both physically and mentally. Five months later, 450 city employees have filed for workers’ compensation benefits related to the shooting. The mountain of claims represents Read More

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