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This Election Day VOTE

This Election Day VOTE Today, Tuesday, November 3rd is Election Day in the United States. Were you aware that in the 2016 Presidential Elections, only around 56 percent of eligible voters took the time to cast a ballot?  Or that in Alabama, only 58.65 percent of citizens old enough to vote did so?  This simply Read More

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Can I get disability benefits for cancer

Can I get disability benefits for cancer Huntsville Disability Lawyer: If you suffer from some form of cancer, you may have been shocked, perhaps even angered, if your initial application for Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI) or SSI benefits was denied, but don’t give up-contact an experienced Alabama Disability Lawyer. The National Cancer Institute estimates Read More

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Can I get disability benefits for Alzheimer’s

Can I get disability benefits for Alzheimers?: Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. It’s the most common cause of dementia. In Alzheimer’s disease, the connections between brain cells and the brain cells themselves degenerate and die, causing a steady decline in memory and mental function. Current Alzheimer’s Read More

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Coronavirus, First Responders and Workers’ Compensation

Coronavirus, First Responders and Workers’ Compensation Earlier this week I wrote about how insurance journals were busy exploring the potential ramifications of coronavirus infections and workers’ compensation claims. Insurance companies are not really sure how to deal with this, although the initial impression seemed to be to deny the claims as showing it is “work Read More

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Can I get disability benefits for Spinal Arachnoiditis

Can I get disability benefits for Spinal Arachnoiditis: Spinal Arachnoiditis (also called spinal fibrosis) is a debilitating condition characterized by stinging and burning pain and other neurologic problems. Arachnoiditis is caused by an inflammation of one of the linings which surround the brain and spinal cord. Said inflammation causes a constant irritation and leads to Read More

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Four Years after damning investigations-Alabama still has not taken any steps to protect the rights of injured workers

Four years after NPR and ProPublica did an investigation into the decline of workers compensation benefits for injured workers-and PBS’s NewsHour did their own segment (click here). Alabama was an example of how bad it has gotten for injured workers. At the same time the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) and the U.S. Department Read More

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Construction workers face higher risk of severe spinal injuries

“This study demonstrates that the construction industry is still experiencing a high burden of work-related spinal trauma, particularly related to falls, despite safety measures being in place.” The most common back injury we see with our clients are herniated discs. A herniated disc (also called a herniated disk, a herniated nucleus pulposus, disc protrusion, disc extrusion, Read More

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New Marriage Law in Alabama

Getting married in Alabama is now as easy as having your signature notarized (and we have two notary publics at Powell and Denny). Seems a lot of fuss by the Legislature just so Probate Offices in the State don’t have to give Marriage Licenses to same-sex couples, but you have to remember that when our forefathers Read More

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