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Can I still bring a claim for workers’ compensation benefits if I did not immediately file an injury report?

Please remember- it is not an accident report that is to be filed, it is an INJURY report. This is not just a matter of semantics. Under Alabama law, employers are to file an injury report once they have been informed that one of their employees believes that they have suffered a job injury; there Read More

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Can I take a new Job?

Yes. If a better job becomes available, you should always do what is best for you and your family. Having stated this, you should be aware of how changing jobs could affect your workers compensation claim. First, if you are off work due to a job injury and are drawing temporary total disability benefits (ttd), Read More

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Workers’ Comp denied my Claim. What do I do?

  If your claim for workers’ compensation benefits was denied, don’t give up. One of the reason for the denial of a legitimate workers’ compensation claim I hear is because the workers’ compensation adjuster says the job accident was not the cause for the injury; rather, it was caused by an old injury. As we Read More

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Can I file for workers compensation benefits if I was only a part time employee?

Through the years our attorneys have spoken to numerous injured workers who thought that their work injury would not be covered under Alabama’s workers compensation laws because they were a part time employee-this is simply not the case. Alabama’s Workers Compensation Statute defines an employee/worker as “every person in the service of another under any Read More

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Can I be forced to see a New Doctor?

If you have suffered a work injury and are receiving costly treatment from your treating physician, chances are that at some point you will be contacted by the workers compensation claims adjuster and told that you have to see another doctor (called an independent medical examination or IME). It is not because the doctor caring Read More

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What do I do if my boss refuses to file Injury Report?

More often than you would think, we receive a call for a worker who was hurt at work who is complaining that their employer refuses to file an Injury Report. The reason most often given is that the injured workers’ boss simply does not believe that they are injured, but the reason behind why an Read More

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Can my boss force me to see the doctor on my own time?

   Yes, if it is possible for you to do so. If you can still perform your job duties given your injuries, or if your employer has made accommodations for your injuries and you are working for pay, then your employer can ask that any doctor appointments or physical therapy appointments be made during your Read More

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What happens if I Quit my job?

The fact that you may have quit your job does not mean that your injuries are no longer covered by your former employers’ workmans’ compensation coverage. The workmans’ comp carrier is still responsible for your medical treatment and compensation whether you still work for the same employer or not. However, quitting your job could affect Read More

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We Are Disability Lawyers

When I tell folks that I am a disability lawyer, I am generally met by a confused look and the statement “A disability lawyer?” For some reason people do not believe that practicing in the field of social security disability and workers’ compensation law sounds very interesting; but while there may not be any television Read More

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Do I have a workman’s compensation claim if I was injured while leaving work?

Many workers are surprised when we tell them that an injury suffered while leaving work can still be a compensable workers compensation claim. It is understandable that the injured worker might think otherwise; they were off the clock and not working when they fell, and their boss may have even indicated that such an injury Read More

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