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Manic Depression

Bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression) is a serious medical condition which can, and in the attached article, Ms. Gardner explains just how the disorder can radically change one’s life and sometimes prevent the suffer from engaging in full time employment. Person’s suffering from bipolar disorder experience severe mood swings; from periods of crushing depression Read More

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What is Brittle Diabetes?

What is Brittle Diabetes? Generally, it is difficult for person to be approved on a diagnosis of diabetes alone as medical treatment often allows a person to have a healthy and productive life, but this is not the case for those who suffer from brittle diabetes (aka labile diabetes). Brittle diabetes is a term used Read More

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ALABAMA DISABILITY ATTORNEYS: MENTAL ILLNESS There is no sense in having standards or guidelines if the government refuses to adhere to them. Suffering from a mental illness should not be viewed as a crime, or a judgment from God on a person for some past bad deed. Mental illness is no respecter of person, but if Read More

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No one is exempt from battling depression and anxiety

No one is exempt from battling depression and anxiety-not even Pastors (and your heart goes out to the family of Mr. Wilson). Here in the South we like to think we live in the Bible Belt and that our faith and trust in Christ will get us through any storm and therefore we don’t talk about Read More

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Schizophrenia and Social Security Disability Benefits

“Schizophrenia has changed my life—but it hasn’t ruined it.” This sentence is how the author of the attached article ends her piece.  She deals with the very real struggles she has had with her paranoid schizophrenia, and knows that the battle will last the rest of her life-but she has not lost hope.  Hope that today Read More

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Alabama Disability Attorneys: How far back will my Social Security Disability Benefits go?

Alabama Disability Attorneys: How far back will my Social Security Disability Benefits go? The answer to this question hinges on whether you were awarded SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) benefit. If you were awarded SSI benefits, your right to benefits may go back no further than the date you applied for SSI Read More

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Alabama Disability Attorney: HIV

Alabama Disability Attorney: HIV As the author in the attached article points out, “[w]hile the south makes up 38% of the U.S. population, about 45% of people who are HIV positive live in the South.” HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus which weakens the body’s immune system to the point that a suffer has difficulty Read More

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Longer waits coming in Social Security Disability Claims

It’s not just those Social Security Disability Lawyers in Colorado who are “irked” about the changes to the disability process–Alabama Disability Attorneys are a bit miffed as well. The Social Security Administration is forcing Alabama and other States to adopt an additional step in the disability process. One used to be able to file for disability, Read More

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Alabama Disability Attorneys: Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is an illness which affects approximately 5% of Americans in a given year. The anxiety and fear that being out causes is very real and often leads to terrifying panic attacks. People who suffer from a Panic Disorders have sudden and repeated attacks of severe fear that lasts for several minutes or longer and can Read More

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