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Top Ten Hazards Working from Home

Top Ten Hazards Working from Home Even prior to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more companies were allowing their employees to telecommute and work from home.  That number has jumped exponentially with the arrival of COVID-19 and I believe that working from home is here to stay for many workers.  Given this, there has been Read More

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Herniated disk at L5-S1

Herniated disk at L5-S1 I have a herniated disk at L4-5: Did you know that babies are born with 33 separate vertebras (disks), but that as they grow and develop, 9 of these vertebras (discs) at the base of the spine grow together, meaning that most adults have 24 separate discs, and that these disks Read More

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Keep your Lawyer Updated

Keep your Lawyer Updated Keep your Lawyer Updated: If you suffered a serious job injury in Alabama, it is important for you to at least speak with an experienced Alabama Workers Comp Lawyer to find out what your legal rights are.  Not everyone who calls our office ends up hiring us, but hopefully the information Read More

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COVID-19 and Alabama Workers Compensation Benefits

COVID-19 and Alabama Workers Compensation Benefits In March we published our first blog on the potential ramifications of coronavirus infections and workers’ compensation claims. Insurance companies are not really sure how to deal with this, although the initial impression seemed to be to deny the claims as showing it is “work related” could be very Read More

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Workers Compensation and Working at Home

Workers Compensation and Working at Home We have previously written blogs on what a person needs to show in order to have a valid workers’ compensation claim in Alabama, but to summarize that blog, a worker has to be able to show that (1) they were the employee of the defendant, (2) that their employer had 5 Read More

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The Real Face of Fraud in Workers’ Comp

The Real Face of Fraud in Workers’ Comp In 2016, Reagan Kemple lost his life while battling wildfires in California, leaving behind a wife and 2 children. When Mrs. Kemple sought workers’ compensation benefits she was told that her husband’s employer did not have coverage because they did not have any employees—everyone who worked for them were Read More

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