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How is my Average Weekly Wage Calculated

How is my Average Weekly Wage Calculated Not long ago we received an inquiry from a potential client (who we now represent) concerning the amount of their temporary total disability (ttd) check.   The injured worker knew that their workers’ compensation check was based on his average weekly wage, but the amount of their ttd check Read More

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Alabama Workers Compensation Questions: (17) What is the Statute of Limitations?

Alabama Workers Compensation Questions: (17) What is the Statute of Limitations? The Statute of Limitations is the statutorily prescribed limitation on a person’s right to bring a legal action. For an Alabama Workmen’s Compensation claim, the statute of limitation is 2 years from the date of your job injury, or two years from the date Read More

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Powell and Denny: Named Top 20 Workers Compensation Attorneys

It is with honor and surprise that I happily announce that the law firm of Powell and Denny, P.C. has been selected by The National Advocates as one of the Top 20 Workers’ Compensation Firms (plaintiffs). At Powell and Denny, workers compensation cases are not just one or a myriad of legal matters we deal Read More

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When choosing a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer-EXPERIENCE Counts

Alabama Workers Compensation Lawyers: Experience Counts: If you live in Alabama and have been hurt at work, hopefully you did not suffer a serious work injury, but if you did-or if you just have questions about your rights-it will probably be in your best interest at least speak with an experienced Alabama Workers Comp Lawyer. Read More

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Are undocumented workers entitled to Alabama Workers Compensation Benefits if they suffer a work injury?

Alabama Workers Compensation Benefits: Undocumented Workers Not long ago I read another article that stated 11% of construction workers in Alabama are undocumented; I bet the number is really a lot higher.  I was reminded of that article when the raids in Mississippi were reported over the weekend (here).  Apparently the employers were well aware Read More

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What is Right and Wrong with Alabama’s Comp System

Alabama Job Injury Lawyer What is Right and Wrong with Alabama’s Comp System: When we first meet with potential new Alabama workers compensation clients, we go through what the injured worker’s rights are under the Alabama Workers Compensation Statute. It is not unusual for the injured worker to exclaim that “that isn’t fair.” At this Read More

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You Need an Alabama Workers Compensation Attorney IV

Every day in Alabama, a worker suffers some type of job injury; while most of the incidents are minor in nature and require only one or two visits to the workers’ compensation physician, it is not always easy to tell whether an injury is merely a sprained muscle or something which will require surgery. What Read More

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