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New list of jobs with the most reported job injuries released

New list of jobs with the most reported job injuries released

A new list of the occupations that have the highest number of reported on-the-job injuries has been published (click below), and unsurprisingly the Top 3 jobs with the highest number of reported job injuries are: Construction Workers, Healthcare Workers and workers in the Lumber/Logging industry.

If you work in one of these occupations, you are not surprised by this fact. You and your family know how heavy and strenuous your job duties are; aches and pains are part of the job, but this means that often a worker will suffer an injury and initially think it is only another pulled muscle and the injured worker will grin and bear it, hoping that the pain eventually subsides. Only after a day or two (or weeks) of trying to deal with a pain that simply will not go away do they report their job injury. At this point many injured workers are informed by their employer that they had waited too long to report/give notice of a job injury and therefore they are not entitled to any workers’ compensation benefits.

While it is true that according to Ala.Code §25-5-78, an injured workers is supposed to provide written notice of a workplace injury within 5 days of the on-the-job injury, this section goes on to state that, in Alabama, a worker has up to 90 days in which to inform his employer about a job injury, and an oral report is just as valid a notice means as a detailed written report. Company policy cannot override law, so if your employer states that “…company policy mandates that all workers’ compensation injuries be reported within 2 days of the occurrence of said injury and since you did not do so you are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits ” (which many injured workers have called to tell us over the years)-they are misinformed about Alabama’s Workers’ Compensation laws and they are still responsible for your medical care and compensation for any permanent physical impairment.

If you have been told by your employer that you are not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits-don’t give up. contact the experienced Alabama Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at Powell and Denny with any questions you may have about your right to workers’ compensation benefits and schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

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New list of jobs with the most reported job injuries released

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