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Should I trust the workers’ compensation adjuster?

I have never had a case where the workers’ compensation insurance carrier has gone so far as to try to fabricate a criminal case against an injured worker to avoid paying for their medical care, but this isn’t as shocking as it should be.

So, can you trust the comp carrier? This is an extremely broad question. There are some good workers compensation carriers, who in my opinion do a good job of ensuring the injured worker is not treated too shabbily; there are others who I wouldn’t trust if you paid me to.

You have to remember that insurance companies are corporate entities; no, they are not “people.” People have feelings and a moral guide, companies are profit driven and owe no duty to anyone but their shareholders. Their shareholders make more money if the insurance carrier keeps more money, and the insurance companies keep more money by being less than forthcoming when it comes to the rights of injured workers in Alabama.

You are assumed to know the law; the workers compensation insurance carrier has no obligation to explain your rights to you, and rest assured, they will pull one over on you if you allow them to do so. Not very long ago I was speaking with a defense attorney who told me a story about being called by a workers compensation insurance carrier so he could conclude the settlement of a claim that the adjuster had just reached with an injured worker. He told me how bad it made him feel to know how much the injured worker was being abused in their settlement, but he has a legal obligation to his client and could not tell the injured worker that they are making a horrible mistake. The injured worker never contacted a lawyer.

The worst way I can imagine an injured worker finding out what their rights are to Alabama Workman Compensation benefits is to ask the insurance company who will have to pay out said benefits.

If you were hurt at work and have questions about your rights under Alabama’s Workman Compensation laws, please do not hesitate to contact and talk with one of the experienced Birmingham Workman Compensation lawyers at Powell and Denny today.

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