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Professional Truck Drivers and Rotator Cuff Injuries

Professional Truck Drivers and Rotator Cuff Injuries

Through the last 27 years, we have handled quite a few workers’ compensation claims for truck drivers-both Over-the-Road and Local drivers. The injury we have seen the most are rotator cuff tears, which this article states is the second most common injury suffered by professional truck drivers (back injuries are number one).

Most professional truck driving jobs entail more than merely driving a truck. In my opinion, “No Touch” or “Drop and Hook” positions really do not exist as drivers would experience times when they would have to move freight to get the weights right at weigh stations; most drivers also are expected to be able to perform a pre and post trip inspection of their truck, be able to tarp a load, change a tire when necessary, crank up a trailer, etc.

Driving might be considered a sedentary activity, but being a professional truck driver is not. By definition, the Dictionary of Occupational Titles defines a professional truck driving position as requiring the driver to be able to perform a full range of medium work (able to lift 50 lbs.) Since truck driving requires that the driver be able to perform a full range of medium work, an injury that limits them to light duty work or less is most often career ending.

Professional Truck Drivers do hard and necessary work, and when they suffer a job injury, they need to know that they are receiving the medical care and workers’ compensation benefits they need as quickly as possible so they can continue doing the job they love. That’s where an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can be invaluable.

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury and you have questions about your right to Alabama Workers Compensation benefits, don’t hesitate to contact and speak with one of the experienced Alabama Workers’ Compensation attorneys at Powell and Denny today.

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Professional Truck Drivers and Rotator Cuff Injuries

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