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Job Injuries not being Reported

Job Injuries not being Reported

UPS employees 399,000 workers and moves approximately 3 million packages each day; they made $4.3Billion Dollars in profit in 2018. Without a doubt they are a huge success-so why do they feel as though they have to cheat injured workers of their workers’ compensation benefits?

The attached story gives horrifying examples of UPS trying to cover up job injuries so their injured workers’ personal health insurance carrier would pay for their medical treatment. In the first example, the author tells about a situation where a United Parcel Service worker fell from a loading dock-breaking his hip, pelvis, wrist and elbow, some of the breaks were “visible.” Rather than call an ambulance, UPS apparently “placed the injured employee on a package cart and rolled him to the parking lot where then he was taken to the hospital.

While I have never had a client’s employer go to such extremes in an attempt to avoid filing a First Report of Injury with the State-I have had opportunity to have to fight with employers who flat out refused to report a job injury and attempted to pressure my client to just put everything on their insurance-usually with a promise to “take care of them.”

I could not tell you how many times a worker has said they lied about how they were injured at their boss’ request, just to have the lie used against them when the employer suddenly forgets having any knowledge of a work related injury. While this does not necessarily destroy your claim, it does make it much harder to prove. Do not lie about how you suffered your job injury, and do not try to mislead your health insurance carrier; it can come back to bite you.

By law, if a worker claims to have suffered a work injury (not just having a job accident, but suffering an injury), then the employer is supposed to file a First Report of Injury with the Alabama Department of Labor. If your employer simply refuses to do this, what do you do?

The first thing we tell the injured worker to do is to contact the Alabama Department of Labor at (334) 353-0690 and report your employer’s refusal to comply with the law. They will then contact your employer and an injury report should be filed in a timely manner thereafter.

The next thing we bring up is whether they need to speak with an attorney to see if they believe they should hire an attorney to represent them in their claim for workers compensation benefits. If your employer is already saying that they don’t believe you or is refusing to file an injury report for whatever reason, chances are that you will need a lawyer somewhere down the line.

If you live in Alabama and are having difficulty getting your workers’ compensation benefits or having medical treatment authorized, don’t give up-contact one of the experienced Alabama Workers Compensation Lawyers at Powell and Denny today for a FREE consultation.

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Job Injuries not being Reported

Job Injuries not being Reported

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