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The Persistent War on Social Security Disability

The Persistent War on Social Security Disability

As we have previously mentioned in our earlier blogs, the current Administration seems to have decided that one way to pay for the large tax cuts passed 2 years ago is to go after those seeking or already receiving Social Security Disability or SSI benefits. We now have an idea of what another Trump Administration would mean for those receiving Social Security Retirement, Social Security Disability or SSI Benefits, or persons who use Medicare.

Remember a few years back when then candidate Trump repeatedly promised that if elected, his Administration would never, ever touch Medicare? Well, apparently that was not exactly true. And the booming economy we hear about-it hasn’t brought in any extra tax dollars into the government coffers (in fact, the deficit is growing).

The President’ proposed 2020 budget “would gut the nation’s disability programs by $84 billion.” The Administration wishes to cut-at a minimum-$10 Billion from the nation’s Social Security Disability programs, even though it has been shown that fraud is not a major fact in American’s disability program.

The President also wants to cut $400 million from Social Security’s administrative budget. Think it’s difficult to get someone on the phone now? Think it takes a long time to get a hearing before an administrative law judge in your disability appeal at the present? If the President has his way, both will get much worse.

At least $10 billion of that would come from Social Security disability through changes in eligibility rules. An additional $400 million would come out of the Social Security Administration’s administrative budget, which is already strapped for cash, in the next year alone. Beneficiaries could expect more busy signals on the phone lines and longer waits at Social Security offices.

Being disabled is not against the law, I just wish those in positions of power would quit acting like it was.

Now more than ever, if you or a loved one believes that you are truly disabled and that you have earned your right to disability benefits, it is in your best interest to talk with a lawyer whose practice is concerned with Social Security Disability Law and not one that just takes a case now and then.

If you have questions about your right to Social Security Disability or SSI benefits, don’t hesitate to contact and speak with one of the experienced Alabama Disability Attorneys at Powell and Denny today.

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The Persistent War on Social Security Disability Continues

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