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I don’t like Lawyers, but….

I don’t like Lawyers but…: I have sat in my office with potential clients and been told by said people that they really don’t like lawyers; that Alabama is a sue happy State and how much they hate lawsuit abuse, BUT THEY were really hurt and deserving of compensation-unlike all “those other people” they have heard of in commercials paid for by the Business Council.

The insurance carriers and Business Council have sold a bad bill of good to the citizens of Alabama, but they have admittedly done an excellent job of selling their tales of lawsuit abuse and of greedy trial lawyers. They have convinced many Alabamians that Alabama is a tort paradise, where people sue innocent businesses and make millions of dollars. This is fantasy, but unfortunately many people in Alabama have swallowed the tale.

Too many lawsuits? Corporations suing each other or suing people comprise a large percentage of lawsuits filed in Alabama. You don’t hear about that when Big Business is talking about lawsuit abuse do you?

Caps on verdicts? What insurance carriers are saying is that when a jury of one’s peers rejects the arguments put forth by the insurance company and their army of lawyers and awards damages to an injured or aggrieved party, they should not be trusted. Sure, trust them to vote for President, Governor, for members of the school board-just don’t trust them to say how much money they have to pay to someone-unless they are the one asking for money, then everything is just fine with the integrity and knowledge of the jury.

To listen to the insurance companies and BCA, you would think the defendant did not have lawyers to represent them. Don’t worry about them, they have plenty of attorneys already on retainer, and unlike injured workers, there is no limit to how much they can pay their attorneys. In Alabama, a lawyer representing an injured work is not entitled to any fee until the case either settles or a favorable verdict is rendered, and then our fee is capped at 15% of the recovery-plus reimbursement of case expenses which have already been fronted. Not exactly an even playing field.

Don’t believe the hype, and don’t blindly trust the insurance carrier when they tell you your rights are under Alabama’s Workers Comp laws and how you don’t need to talk with a lawyer. The worst way I can imagine finding out what you are entitled to receive is to ask the insurance company-who has to pay for said benefits-what you are entitled to receive.

If you were hurt at work and you have questions about your right to Alabama Workers Compensation benefits, please do not hesitate to contact and speak with one of the experienced Alabama Workers Compensation Lawyers at Powell and Denny. You don’t have to be alone in this.

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