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Worker’s Compensation and On the Job Injuries For Restaurant Workers

When you think of industries where workers often suffer serious job injuries, one naturally thinks of construction workers, steel and iron workers, nurses and nursing aides, but you generally don’t think about restaurant workers; but, people who work in the restaurant industry know differently.

I remember the case in which I learned how seriously injured someone who works in a restaurant can be injured. Around 15 or so years ago we had a trial where we represented a waitress at a Sports Bar. Our client had the misfortune of slipping while carrying a pitcher of iced tea to two police officers; her feet flew out from under her and she landed hard, suffering herniated disks in her lower back. The defendant denied liability despite the fact the two police officers saw the accident as it happened directly in front of them and they called the ambulance. We started the trial off with the two police officers and obtained a verdict holding that our client was permanently disabled as the result of her injuries. Fortunately most slip and falls in restaurants do not involve serious injuries, but the fact remains that around 20% of job injuries that occur in restaurants involve the spine, and some are serious.

We have represented cooks who have suffered serious burns while at work or serious cuts. Not surprisingly, restaurant workers suffer burn injuries 5 times as much as the norm of most other professions.

If you work in a restaurant, as a waitress, bussing tables, as a cook in the kitchen, or in some other position and you suffered a job injury and have questions about you right to Alabama Workers Compensation benefits, don’t hesitate to contact and talk with one of the experienced Alabama Workers Compensation Lawyers at Powell and Denny today.

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