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Huntsville Car Accident Attorneys Trains and Cars

Huntsville Car Accident Attorneys Trains and Cars

Huntsville Car Accident Attorneys Trains and Cars: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a motorist is approximately 40 TIMES more likely to die in a wreck involving an automobile and a train than a wreck between two cars.

Alabama ranks 13th in the U.S. for highway-railroad crossing fatalities. In 2011, 47 persons were injured in automotive accidents at railway crossings, and 8 persons lost their lives.

Given the size, weight and speed of trains as opposed to that of regular automobiles, this should not be terribly surprising. What is surprising is how many people voluntarily place themselves in harm's way. Nearly 50% of all car/train accident happed at crossings with properly functioning warning devices.

Ignoring a flashing light, driving around barrier gates or testing your luck by trying to beat the train to the intersection is foolish behavior and honestly is no different than playing a game of Russian Roulette.

It is also dangerous to simply driver through an intersection where train tracks are located without stopping and looking to see if a train is coming. You should slow down so as to allow you sufficient time to stop should you notice a train approaching. Once a train passes by the intersection, it is not automatically safe to proceed across the tracks as another train might be following. Some other driver safety tips are as follows:

•· NEVER get trapped on a railroad track. If traffic is heavy, wait until you know you can completely cross the track before moving forward.

•· NEVER drive around the gates.

•· NEVER shift gears on the crossings; you don't want to stall on the tracks.

•· Be on the lookout for vehicles which legally must come to a complete stop at all railway crossings (buses or trucks transporting flammables, explosives or other hazardous material).

•· If your car stalls on a crossing, get everyone out of the vehicle immediately and call the Police for assistance.

•· Remember trains do not stop quickly. A freight train traveling at 55 m.p.h. takes a mile or more to come to a complete stop.

If you have been injured in a car accident and you have questions about your rights under Alabama law, don't hesitate to contact and speak with one of the experienced Alabama Car Accident attorneys at Powell and Denny today.

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Huntsville Car Accident Attorney Trains and Cars

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