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Huntsville Automobile Accident Attorneys Wreck involving Large Trucks

Huntsville Automobile Accident Attorneys Wreck involving Large Trucks

Huntsville Automobile Accident Attorneys Wreck involving Large Trucks: According to a study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), the number of accidents involving large truck has increased 20% in the last two decades. This is not surprising given the fact that in 2012 over 68% of all freight tonnage (9.4 billion tons of freight) was transported domestically in America by large truck.

The study found that the largest reason for wrecks involving large trucks was driver error. Driver error was ten times more likely to be the main cause of a crash than any other factor, and in this blog we will discuss the most common causes of driver error according to the FMSCA report.

Before reviewing this report, I would have said that driver fatigue was the cause of most large truck driver error. These drivers are asked to drive a large number of miles, and it was not uncommon in the past for drivers to carry two different driver log sheets; one to show officials, and the other to show their employer for pay. Fortunately the government has cracked down on companies forcing their drivers to drive more hours than is safe, and the government's efforts have helped, as only 13% of the wrecks in this study were found to be caused by driver fatigue, but this figure is still too high. I can still remember how tired I was when my children were newborns and a full night sleep was impossible. The fatigue I felt made it difficult at times to concentrate; I just felt bad and was in a bad mood at times because of my fatigue. No one wants the driver of any type of motor vehicle next to them on the road experiencing these symptoms, more so when the vehicle in question is an 18 wheeler.

In this report, 26% (the largest contributing factor) of all accident involving large trucks were found to be caused in part by the driver operating their truck under the influence of drugs-prescribed and illegal drugs.

Just as with regular cars, speed was also a big reason for wrecks involving 18 wheelers. In 23% of the accidents studied, improper speed (driving over the posted speed limit or too fast for the road conditions given the weather). As we have shown in other blogs, speed does increase the number of accidents, and with large trucks this is even more true as speed x larger mass = more destructive force at impact.

Driver fatigue and driving under the influence slows the driver's reaction time and can cause one to take risks they ordinarily would not take. Driving at an unsafe speed also lessens the amount of time a driver has to make corrections to their vehicle.

If you were injured in an automobile accident in Alabama and you have questions about your rights, don't hesitate to contact and speak with one of the experienced attorneys at Powell and Denny today.

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Huntsville Automobile Accident Attorneys Wreck involving Large Trucks

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