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Alabama Workmens Compensation Lawyer The new fraud

Alabama Workmens Compensation Lawyer The new fraud

Alabama Workmens Compensation Lawyer The new fraud: I was perusing a pro-business article the other morning dealing with workmens compensation claims, when I happened to ready-to my surprise-that the author was actually admitting that only 1-2 % of all workers compensation claims appear to be fraudulently made.

My mind raced with such an acknowledgment. Did that mean that workers compensation insurance carriers would not stop fighting to the death on every workmens compensation claim; would they now go ahead and authorize necessary medical treatment without the need for a court Order forcing them to acquiesce? Then I read the next paragraph, and saw what the new argument as to why liability should be challenged will be-malingering.

According to the author, malingering by injured workers is a problem in as many as 39% of workers compensation claims. Of course, no studies or statistics were provided to support such a claim, but as we have seen with the repeated "fraud" claims-facts never stopped an insurance company from doing what is in their best interest.

To help deal with the plight of malingering injured workers, the author suggested that workers comp insurance carriers do the following: (i) hire a private investigator to follow injured workers and spy on them; (ii) hire a case manager to get involved in an attempt to micro-manage the injured workers' medical treatment (and do a bit of snooping themselves); (iii) if the treating physician says something is seriously wrong-tell the injured worker that they have to see an Independent Medical Examiner; (iv) make "surprise" visits to the injured worker's house; (v) look on line and see if the injured worker uses any social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.)-if so, see if you can get on the injured worker's site and see what they are up to; (vi) multiple times a day try to call and speak with the injured worker and worst of all, the author suggests that (vii) the workmens compensation insurance carrier file an action to cut off medical and monetary benefits for the injured worker-later if facts cannot be found to support this position the request/motion can always be dropped.

Workers compensation insurance carriers are being forced to admit that their claims of rampant fraud have been baseless and misleading; now they are trying a new avenue to do the same thing...fight any and all workers compensation claim without regard for the injured worker, but with their eye on what is best for their shareholders.

If you have suffered an on the job injury in Alabama and have questions about your right to workers compensation benefits, don't hesitate to contact and speak with one of the experienced attorneys at Powell and Denny today.

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Alabama Workmens Compensation Lawyer The new fraud

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