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Alabama Workmans Compensation Lawyer The Case Nurse Manager

Alabama Workmans Compensation Lawyer The Case Nurse Manager

Alabama Workmans Compensation Lawyer The Case Nurse Manager: I was once again reading an article in an insurance journal on workmans compensation claims; this article was on how using a Case Nurse Manager can help lower the costs for workmans compensation insurance carriers.

The first time 99% of injured workers have ever heard of a case nurse manager is after they have suffered a serious job injury and they are contacted and informed that the workers' compensation insurance provider has hired a nurse to "assist" you as you attempt to obtain the medical care necessary for you to recuperate from your job injury; and they want to sit in with you during your doctor's appointment (do NOT allow this to happen).

So, what are case nurse managers and why are they so interested in your injury? They are not "nurses" in the generally understood nomenclature-they are "nurse case managers" (with emphasis on case management-no nursing is done as the treating physician already has their own nurses), and their sole job is to keep down costs to the workers compensation insurance carrier-NOT to help the injured worker. They report everything they see and hear to the workmans compensation insurance adjuster and meet with the treating physician when you are not present to discuss details of your case, and you don't know what they are saying.

They will appear at trial to give testimony, and it generally is not testimony which is beneficial to the injured worker. Remember, they work for the insurance company, not for you. If you have been given a case manager who is more interested in talking to you about any and all past injuries and illnesses and having you sign authorizations so they can obtain a copy of all your medical records in the last 20 years instead of pushing to get the tests and treatment the treating doctor told you that you needed, be wary. If you are constantly being asked by the company nurse if some other incident could have caused your job injury or have been told that the job injury you suffered did not cause your problem-rather it is because of some preexisting condition, be forewarned.

Like all professions, it is the rotten apple that ruins the bunch. It is true of attorneys, and it is true of nurses who perform medical case management for workers compensation. There are case managers who are diligent in their job and do what they can to assist an injured worker; but, in our experience most view the primary purpose of their job to perform investigation for the insurance provider in an attempt to undercut the injured employee's claim. In some instances, they have tried to talk the treating physician out of pursuing the course of treatment the doctor believes is best to treat the worker's condition (usually because the chosen treatment is viewed as being too expensive).

If you were hurt at work in Alabama and have questions about your right to workers compensation benefits, don't hesitate to contact and speak with one of the experienced attorneys at Powell and Denny today.

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Alabama Workmans Compensation Lawyer The Case Nurse Manager

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