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Alabama Workmans Compensation Lawyer Shame

Alabama Workmans Compensation Lawyer Shame

Alabama Workmans Compensation Lawyer Shame: The other day I was reading an article posted on a workers compensation site which caters to workers compensation insurance companies. In this article, the author said that it looked as though OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) was engaged in a conspiracy against employers and their insurance carriers. While the author did not say who OSHA was in conspiracy with, they did spell out why they thought this was the case.

Apparently in 2010 the head of OSHA promised to shame (a feeling of guilt, regret, or sadness that you have because you know you have done something wrong) employers and their comp carriers into "doing the right thing" because OSHA does not have the man power to do all the job site searches and investigations warranted or the ability to level serious penalties against employers who do not provide safe work places for their employees.

Not exactly Watergate, but the author seems to believe that OSHA printing the names of recalcitrant businesses and explaining what exactly they did or failed to do is a horrendous thing to put an employer through. Their hypothesis is that this decision has something to do with the NPR and ProPublica investigative reports which were released in March of this year, highlighting the horrible plight of injured workers in various States-specifically pointing out Alabama.

They fear that there is the potential for employers to lose business as their injury rates are posted. Excuse me for not crying a river. Injured workers are being forced into poverty; they are losing the assets they have worked to acquire and typically earn less after a serious injury. If an employer repeatedly creates a dangerous environment for their employees, they shouldn't be in business. Just imagine if OSHA wasn't "shaming" these employers, and instead they were printing the names of restaurants that were poisoning their customers with spoilt and contaminated food; would they then be arguing that the restaurants shouldn't have their names published because that might hurt the bottom line of these restaurants? Of course not!

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Alabama Workmans Compensation Lawyer Shame

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