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Hoover Workers Compensation Lawyers Best Interest Hearing

Hoover Workers Compensation Lawyers Best Interest Hearing

Hoover Workers Compensation Lawyers Best Interest Hearing: As we have previously written (click here), the vast majority of injured workers never seek workers compensation benefits, and of those who do-most of them never speak with an attorney; this includes workers who have suffered serious injuries which have required surgery. Many believe that the workers compensation insurance carrier is being forthright with them about their rights and that hiring an attorney would only leave them with less money and possibly upset their employer. Of this group, many have their case settled with an Ombudsman who is employed by the State of Alabama to help resolve workers compensation claims at a meeting with is called a Best Interest Hearing, and it typically occurs at the workers compensation insurance carrier's attorney's office (they are never going to deal with a claim without legal advice).

Alabama law allows Ombudsmen to resolve claims, and while they will briefly go over your legal rights (not in exquisite detail), their job is not to represent the injured worker or really ensure that what the worker is doing is really in their best interest. The Ombudsman does not know the facts involved in your case, and they cannot give you legal advice. They usually just ask the injured worker if they wish to enter into the proposed settlement and sign the appropriate paperwork, resolving the claim. If the injured workers' injuries are much worse than they hoped, too bad-the case is settled. If the injured worker signed off on a settlement and unknowingly surrendered their right to future compensation, medical treatment or the right to sue should they subsequently be fired, too bad. The case is settled.

Signing binding legal documents without any real knowledge of what you are doing is never a good idea. As stated, the workers compensation insurance carrier will have their lawyers advise them and go over the settlement paperwork without regard for what is in your best interest, as they do not represent you-the injured worker.

I am not saying that all settlements performed by an Ombudsman is a terrible deal for the injured worker, but I would hazard to guess that many are not in the worker's best interest.

Before signing any document settling your claim, it is smart to at least speak with an experienced Alabama Workers Compensation attorney to make sure that you are not making a mistake you will have to live with for the rest of your life.

If you work in the "Over the Mountain" area*, you have suffered a job injury and you have questions about your rights under the Alabama Workers Compensation system, please do not hesitate to contact and talk to one of the experienced Hoover Workers Compensation attorneys at Powell and Denny. Our office in Hoover is conveniently located off Alford Avenue, where Hoover, Vestavia and Homewood come together.

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Hoover Workers Compensation Lawyers Best Interest Hearing

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