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Alabama Work Injury Lawyers Why am I being billed for medical treatment

Alabama Work Injury Lawyers Why am I being billed for medical treatment

Alabama Work Injury Lawyers Why am I being billed for medical treatment? Ala.Code 25-5-77(a) is clear; if a worker suffers a compensable work injury (click here for information on what a compensable claim is), then by law their employer "shall pay" for any and all medical care and treatment, as long as it is deemed reasonably necessary. Moreover, 25-5-77(h) states that these medical bills "shall be made within 25 working days of receipt of claims...." Failure to make timely payment entitles the medical provider to an additional 10%.

Given this unequivocal language, why is it that injured workers continue to be billed in situations where liability for their job injury is not in dispute?

I believe that this is done because medical providers do not want to upset workers compensation insurance carriers be insisting that their bills be paid in a timely manner-in fear that the insurance company may no longer use them in workers compensation cases; yet, in order to keep their doors open, they have to be paid by someone, so they turn to the injured worker.

This is not some half baked thought that I have. A few years ago I spoke with the billing department at a major hospital in Alabama about the fact they were billing my client. I explained how my client was not legally responsible for payment of their medical bills, but they said that after so many months going by without being paid, they thought that my client was responsible. I explained that Alabama law does not work that way and specifically pointed out that per Alabama workers compensation law, they were entitled to an additional 10% in payment after 25 days. The billing person indicated that step would not be taken.

Workers comp medical payments are higher than what BC/BS pays, so medical providers really want to keep on the good side of the workers comp insurance companies, and they willingly suffer abuse in order to assure that their facility continues to be preferred by the workers compensation community.

There are many, many good and professional physicians who could care less about what workers compensation wants, but the sad fact remains that according to one study, over half of the doctors who handle workers compensation claims admitted to being pressured by worker comp to say that a worker's injury was not as serious as it was.

If you were hurt at work and are receiving treatment from the authorized treating physician, you are NOT responsible for payment of your medical bills; if you are being billed, this could be a sign as to how workers comp will treat you and your claim.

If you were hurt at work and you have any questions about an Alabama Workers Compensation claim, don't hesitate to contact and speak with one of the experienced Alabama Work Injury lawyers at Powell and Denny today.

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Alabama Work Injury Lawyers Why am I being billed for medical tre

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