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Alabama Disability Lawyer Where is all the Fraud

Alabama Disability Lawyer Where is all the Fraud

Alabama Disability Lawyer Where is all the Fraud? As I have stated in the past, most mornings I spend time reviewing various articles concerning workers comp and Social Security Disability cases, and if one were to base their opinion on the amount of fraud involved in Social Security Disability cases only on these articles and television reports, you would think fraud was rampant; it is not.

In 2013, Michael J. Astrue (the former Social Security Administration Commissioner-a Bush appointee) stated that less than 1% of the Social Security Disability funds paid out were paid out on fraudulent claims. The fact is that fraud is not a problem; the Social Security Administration does a pretty good job at dispensing with meritless claims.

That does not mean that fraud showed be allowed; it should be routed out and those illegally claiming disability benefits should be prosecuted.

What these figures show is that the mindset of many Americans and our political leaders is flat out wrong. I have had many clients seeking disability benefits bemoan the vast number of liars and cheats collecting disability, while their legitimate claim was taking months and months to prosecute. This is just human nature; it is easy to point the finger at others and claim that their claim is illegitimate, but mine is real.

A large part of the problem is that we cannot walk a mile in someone else's shoes. We see someone in the grocery store who is drawing disability benefits and say "Ha-they're not really disabled." Really? Do you know how long it has been since they were able to get out? What pain and discomfort they are dealing with on a daily basis?

Someone with a disabling mental problem may seem fine one day, but the next they could be paralyzed by fear and anxiety. Someone suffering with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia does not have a video screen strung around their neck showing you the torment they may be experiencing in silence.

According to the Social Security Administration, the average 20-year-old worker has a greater than one-in-four chance of being disabled by sickness or an injury before age 67. Does this change your opinion?

People do not choose their genes, and they generally do not try to severely injure themselves in order to collect an average of $1,200 a month in disability benefits. Suffering with a disability and being unable to currently work is not illegal, and we should stop making those who suffer feel as though they are criminals.

If you believe that you are disabled and you have questions about your right to Social Security Disability benefits, don't hesitate don't hesitate to contact and speak with one of the experienced Alabama Disability Lawyers at Powell and Denny.

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Alabama Disability Lawyers Where is all the Fraud

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