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Birmingham Work Injury Attorney Workers' Comp under Attack

Birmingham Work Injury Attorneys Workers' Comp under Attack

Birmingham Work Injury Attorneys Workers' Comp under Attack: In March of this year, NPR and ProPublica issued a series of reports which showed how business interests have steadily chipped away at the protections afforded injured workers throughout America by convincing State Legislatures that workers' compensation hurts business. These reports, and the one issued in March 2015 by OSHA showed how false these claims were. We have also written about this fact (click here for our blog on how workers comp is actually good for business).

Following these reports much was written in various newspapers and journals about the plight of injured workers and how workers compensation laws need to be strengthened, but nothing much in terms of actual legislation has been done to help injured workers, and big business is continuing their attack on workers comp laws throughout the United States.

It was recently reported that Walmart and other corporate giants (Lowes, Nordstrom, etc.) have financed a lobbying group- the Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers' Compensation (ARAWC)- that has already lobbied Oklahoma and Texas to pass laws which further undercut workers compensation laws in these States. Legislation is pending in Tennessee to do the same and ARAWC has announced that Alabama's workers compensation system is next on their hit list.

ARAWC's-and that of their members-goal "is to pass laws allowing private employers to opt out of the traditional workers' compensation plans that almost every state requires businesses to carry. Employers that opt out would still be compelled to purchase workers' comp plans. But they would be allowed to write their own rules governing when, for how long, and for which reasons an injured employee can access medical benefits and wages." They are not interested in addressing any of the issues which might help protect workers or provide for them and their families while they are recovering from job injuries, they just want to lower their costs.

Wal-Mart made $127 BILLION in profits in 2014, so obviously they are not in danger of going belly up anytime soon, so why attack the lowly benefits injured workers are entitled to receive through their State's workers' compensation laws?

Greed. Pure and simple. The good part is that Walmart and friends do not have the ability to unilaterally do anything to any State's workers compensation laws; the bad thing is that their money influences a lot of lawmakers.

Please, contact your Legislators and let them know that Alabama workers deserve better and stop corporate greed, and if you have any questions about Alabama Workers Comp laws, contact  Powell and Denny.

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Birmingham Work Injury Attorneys Workers' Comp under Attack

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