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Alabama Work Injury Lawyers Where is all the Fraud

Alabama Work Injury Lawyers Where is all the Fraud

Alabama Work Injury Lawyers Where is all the Fraud? Most mornings, I begin the day by reviewing different stories concerning workers compensation and social security disability. In today's blog, I will deal with the issue of fraud in workers compensation claims.

First, let me say what really does not need to be said: Fraud within the workers compensation system, both States and in the Federal Government needs to be routed out. In Alabama, filing a fraudulent workers compensation claim is a felony (unfortunately there is no similar criminal penalty for when a workers compensation insurance company wrongfully and with malice denies a compensable claim).

Having stated this, one would think that fraud in workers compensation is rampant if you were to look at the majority of news stories and "investigations" carried out by local television stations; this simply is not the case (click here for a more detailed blog).

A study conducted in 2000 showed that only 1-2% of workers compensation claims filed in the United States are fraudulent. That means that conservatively speaking, well over 90% of all workers compensation claims are legitimate.

Moreover, less than 40% of legitimate workers comp claims are even filed, and more than 90% of job related illnesses go uncompensated.

Part of the problem is that videos which show fraudulent claimants make riveting T.V. With your own two eyes you can see this type of fraud in a watchable 30 second video clip; you cannot break down the needless delay, lies and shenanigans workers compensation insurance companies engage in with legitimate claims in a 3 minute story, so the reporting is not even, leaving the impression that fraud is much more of a problem than it is.

This false impression has callused our society to the real needs and problems injured workers have to deal with on a daily basis. When you really think about it, how many people really would forgo their regular pay for 2/3rds of their wage (what Alabama allows injured workers to receive while they are off work recovering from a job injury), knowing that they still have to pay 100% of their bills.

Workers get injured helping to make a profit for their employers every day in Alabama. They accept this risk with the understanding that if they are hurt at work, workers comp will be there for them. It is not illegal or immoral to claim workers comp benefits, and we should not make injured workers feel like it is.

If you were hurt at work and you have questions about your right to Alabama Workers Compensation benefits, don't hesitate to contact and speak with one of the experienced Alabama Work Injury Lawyers at Powell and Denny.

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Alabama Work Injury Lawyers Where is all the Fraud

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