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Birmingham Workers Comp Lawyer Working for Injured Workers

Birmingham Workers Comp Lawyer Working for Injured Workers

Birmingham Workers Comp Lawyer Working for Injured Workers. Recently I read an article dealing with a workers' compensation lawsuit brought in another State. In this case, the injured worker asks questions of the defendant during discovery regarding whether the workers compensation insurance carrier had given any monetary donations or gifts to the board which handled workers compensation cases is said State (in Alabama, workers' compensation cases go before Circuit Court Judges). There, the judicial board and appellate court ruled that such a question was impermissible.

I could easily understand the concerns of the injured workers in the article. They wanted to know if the insurance carrier had donated any money to the legal board which would decide the merits of their claim, and in a time when corporate money buys so much in government, there is a very legitimate concern when it comes to the court system.

Courts and judges are to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, so as to protect the integrity of the court and its decisions. The public will not have trust in a judiciary in which a quid pro quo appears to be taking place between judges and businesses or persons who may appear before the court. Not surprisingly, as the amount of money flowing into election campaigns has increased, public trust in the court system seems to have waned.

Since 1993, candidates for a place on the Alabama Supreme Court have spent over $58 million dollars. In 2006, Alabama's average per capita income was approximately $30,000, yet $13.5 million was spent in races for our supreme court-with the Alabama Chamber of Commerce giving around 40% of the total money raised. Is it a surprise that inured workers are afraid that corporate money is having an effect on how their case is handled?

Honestly, I have not had to deal with a case where I feared that my client's case was compromised by campaign contributions and I trust the judges I appear before, but the business interests in Alabama have definitely made their position on issues concerning workers compensation issues known to the appellate courts.

This is why the attorneys at Powell and Denny and other work injury attorneys throughout the State have worked with the Alabama Association of Justice to ensure that the appellate courts know our concern on workers compensation issues; issues related to cases our firm is handling and cases other attorneys have.

Many attorneys who represent injured workers in Alabama work together to help our clients and their cases. While we are competitors, we also know that ultimately, what helps one of our clients helps all injured workers in Alabama-and this really is what our job is all about.

If you have suffered a work injury and you have questions about your right to Alabama Workers Compensation benefits, don't hesitate to contact and speak with one of the experienced Alabama Work Injury Lawyers at Powell and Denny today.

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Birmingham Work Injury Lawyers Working for Injured Workers

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