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Huntsville Workers Compensation Lawyers How do I get Medical Treatment

Huntsville Workers Compensation Lawyers How do I get Medical Treatment

Huntsville Workers Compensation Lawyers How do I get Medical Treatment? If you were hurt at work in Alabama, your employer has 5 or more employees and you reported your job injury (not just that you were involved in a job accident, but that you suffered an injury), chances are that you are entitled to Alabama Workers Compensation benefits, and in my opinion, the most important workers' compensation benefit you would be entitled to receive is your medical benefits.

Once you have informed your employer that you have suffered a job injury and desire medical treatment, your employer has an obligation to inform the Alabama Department of Labor of the fact one of their employees has suffered a job injury and they are to file a First Report of Injury with the State and file a claim with their workers comp insurance provider. Then your employer and their workers compensation insurance carrier have the legal obligation to pay for any and all "reasonably necessary" medical treatment needed to treat your job injury; but, remember that you have to request medical treatment for the injury you suffered at work.

Alabama's workers compensation laws were was set up so that lawyers would only be needed to help a worker who suffered a catastrophic injury and might not be able to return to their old job, or to any other type of employment. Medical care was assumed to be something that really did not require the use of an attorney; unfortunately, in the last few years the workers compensation insurance carriers have been trying to avoid there liability to pay for your medical treatment. In today's climate, Alabama workers have to fight just to have a MRI performed. This is not hyperbole. We have filed suit for clients several times where the doctor the workers compensation insurance carrier told our client to see ordered a MRI, but the insurance carrier refused to comply with the doctor's request. We filed suit to ensure that the worker receives the treatment the law states they are entitled to receive so they can recover and get back to work as soon as possible.

If you were hurt at work and you are having problems getting your medical treatment authorized and paid for by the workers compensation insurance carrier, there is help available. If you are having trouble obtaining the necessary medical treatment needed to get you healed and back to work, please consider calling and speaking with one of the experienced Huntsville Alabama Workers Compensation Lawyers at Powell and Denny today.

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Huntsville Workers Compensation Lawyer How do I get Medical Treatment

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