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Alabama Workers Compensation Lawyers Tell the Truth

Alabama Workers Compensation Lawyers Tell the Truth

Alabama Workers Compensation Lawyers Tell the Truth: In the South, we are taught to tell the truth. We all know that lying only leads to more headaches down the road. This is especially true when it comes to pursuing your rights to Alabama workers' compensation benefits.

Before any testimony to be given by our clients, be in via interrogatory responses, depositions or testimony at trial, we always stress to our clients the importance of telling the truth. If you lose your credibility, the battle is lost. The fact of the matter is that the defense attorney and trial judge will usually know when you are lying, so it just isn't worth it. In our book, "My Alabama Disability Claim: A Guide to Your Alabama Workers' Compensation and Social Security Case" (for a free copy of our book, click here), we set forth examples from cases we have handled which exemplify the importance of being truthful.

In my experience, injured workers generally do not lie in hopes of getting more money; honestly, most just want to get back to work. In my opinion, most lies are told at the behest of the injured workers' employer. Often the employer tells the injured worker that there hasn't been a reported work injury in several years and infers that by reporting their job injury, the worker will be letting everyone down and possibly costing everyone (although typically only the supervisors) a bonus or steak dinner. Another story we have heard is that the employer tells the employer that if they report their job injury, they may lose a contract. These sob stories are always followed with promises to "take care of" the injured employee, but unfortunately this part of the bargain is often forgotten by the injured workers' boss.

A lie, even if told with the best of intentions, is never the right thing to do if you have suffered a job injury. If you were hurt at work, tell your employer and seek treatment through the workers' compensation system. If you are questioned about the facts, be truthful. Remember, being at fault for your injury is generally not a defense which can be sued to prevent you from obtaining the workers compensation benefits you need in order to get better and get back to work.

If you were hurt at work and have questions about your rights and how best to proceed in your claim for workers compensation benefits in Alabama, please do not hesitate to contact the experienced Alabama Workers Compensation Lawyers at Powell and Denny.

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Alabama Workers Compensation Lawyer Tell the Truth

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