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Alabama Social Security Disability: What is a Medical Examiner

Alabama Social Security Disability: What is a Medical Examiner

Alabama Social Security Disability: What is a Medical Examiner? If your claim for social security disability benefits or SSI benefits was turned down and you timely filed your appeal, you will be receiving mail every few months from the Social Security Administration. Once your case has been scheduled for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, you will receive a Notice of Hearing in the mail. This form will tell you when and where your hearing is to be conducted and will list the name of the vocational expert who will be called to testify in your case (unless you have a claim for a child). You may also see where a medical expert (ME) has been called to testify in your hearing.

A medical expert (ME) is not a doctor who has ever seen or treated you; they are doctors called by the Administrative Law Judge to give testimony as to your medical problems. Often the medical records are conflicting on a diagnosis, or a clear diagnosis has not been made. A medical expert is there to give testimony as to what they believe your diagnosis and prognosis is in their professional opinion. The ME can also present testimony as to when your medical problems can be shown to have become disabling or that your conditions are not serious enough to prevent certain physical activities. Given the fact that the ALJ is not a medical doctor, they generally give weight to the testimony of the ME; you have to be prepared to confront the doctor with medical and legal evidence are risk the medical expert being the de facto final voice in the decision of whether you are entitled to disability benefits.

If you do not have a lawyer and you have received a Notice of Hearing and you see that a medical expert is being called to testify in your case, you really need to call and hire an experienced Social Security Disability attorney to represent you in your case. If this is your first hearing date, the courts are generally predisposed to allow a continuance so you can hire an attorney and to give the attorney sufficient time to prepare your case.

If you live in Alabama and are applying for Social Security Disability benefits and/or SSI benefits and you have questions about your rights, please do not hesitate to contact and talk to one of the experienced Alabama Social Security Disability Lawyers at Powell and Denny today.

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Alabama Social Security Disability: What is a Medical Examiner

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