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Birmingham Workers Comp Lawyer FYI

Birmingham Workers Comp Lawyer FYI

Birmingham Workers Comp Lawyer FYI: I was given an article the other day concerning reported job injuries through America, and I was struck by the fact that only 21% of reported job injuries ended up causing the injured worker to miss time from work. This figure includes missing one or two days to recover from a bad muscle sprain to missing 6 months of work following back, shoulder or knee surgery.

I thought this figure was a testament to our workers, as untold number of work injuries go unreported. Hundreds of injured workers continue pushing themselves to work while injured because they were raised to work hard and not to complain. Listing to the commercials and talking points put out by insurance companies and their lobbyists, you would think 75% of the work force was trying to lie about being hurt at work so they could take it easy while they received workers compensation benefits. Yes, this does happen sometime, but very rarely in my experience.

It doesn't happen much, because the benefits are so low. If you suffered a job injury which prevents you from working, in Alabama you only receive 2/3rds of your average weekly wage while being off work--that's only $66.67 for every $100.00 you earned. Have you tried living on 2/3rds of your wage? It's not easy or feasible for long as Alabama Power still expects payment in full regardless of how little you are receiving. Moreover, under Alabama's workers compensation laws, you are forced to see the doctor the workers compensation insurance carrier tells you to see-not whom you would like to see who you trust to have your best interest in mind. Lastly, in Alabama it is a felony to fraudulently obtain workers compensation benefits--while there is no real impediment to prevent valid workers comp claims from being fraudulently denied. For these reasons and others, people do not often go out of their way to file a fraudulent claim-it just isn't worth it.

If someone tries to tell you that most workers compensation claims are fraudulent, you know that they don't know all the facts.

If you live or work in the greater Birmingham, Alabama region, you suffered a job injury and you have any questions about your rights under Alabama's Workers Compensation law, don't hesitate to TALK TO the experienced Birmingham Workers Compensation Lawyers at Powell and Denny. We will do our best to obtain the best result for you and your family.

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Birmingham Workers Comp Lawyer FYI

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