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I tore my ACL at work Birmingham Workers Compensation Lawyer

I tore my ACL at work Birmingham Workers Compensation Lawyer

I tore my ACL at work Birmingham Workers Compensation Lawyer: According to a recent government study, in 2011 443,560 workers throughout America suffered a sprain, strain or tear to a body part as the result of a job injury. 12% of these injuries were to the knee, and said knee injuries were mainly due to falls, slips and trips occurring while the employee was performing their job duties.

A good percentage of these knee injuries involve a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). The ACL is one of the four ligaments which connect the bones of your knee joint, helping provide stability to the knee. Twisting movement can cause a partial tear or complete tear of the ACL, and if this happens at work, then workers compensation is responsible for the payment of all your reasonably necessary medical bills and for compensation for any permanent physical impairment you may have sustained as the result of your torn anterior cruciate ligament.

If you require surgery to repair your torn ACL, and your employer cannot (or will not) accommodate your physical restrictions while you are recovering, then you are entitled to receive temporary total disability (ttd) benefits until you reach maximum medical improvement (i.e. get as good as your going to get) or until your boss finds a job for you to return to.

Additionally, if you tore your anterior cruciate ligament at work, you may begin walking with an altered gait-which means that you are placing more of your weight on the opposite leg. This can cause damage to your previously uninjured knee and in some cases can even cause back problems. We were created to walk on both legs with our weight evenly distributed. When you place more weight on another body part, it will eventually begin to wear out as well. If this leads to an injury to the other leg or to your back, then workers compensation is responsible for these injuries as well-even though they were not originally the injured body part for which you sought medical treatment.

If you live or work in the greater Birmingham region, you suffered a job injury and you have any questions about your rights under Alabama's Workers Compensation law, don't hesitate to TALK TO the experienced Birmingham Workers Compensation Lawyers at Powell and Denny.

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I tore my ACL at work Birmingham Workers Compensation Lawyer

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