We Work When You Can't

We work when you can't is not just our slogan. It is something we thought a lot about when we were writing our book.

Here is another excerpt from our book below:

"We could not count the number of times we have had a client come into our office who was injured at work but was informed that workers' comp was refusing to accept liability because, 20 years earlier, the worker had hurt the same body part while playing high school baseball or in an automobile accident. This argument rarely works for the employer. In Alabama, if a worker has a pre-existing condition that has not stopped them from being able to adequately perform their job duties, the law views the condition as being irrelevant. If you can do your job duties and a job accident worsens an underlying condition, then workers' compensation has to pick up your claim for the worsened condition. We have had discussions with insurance adjusters such as the one in which the adjuster attempted to explain that our client's leg injury was really related to the fracture he suffered playing high school football and not due to the fall from a roof top he suffered at work. If you hear this "defense" from an insurance adjuster, you are most likely being given the run-around, and it is time to get a lawyer, if you have not already done so."

Powell and Denny: We Work When You Can't