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A workplace accident, chronic illness or a car accident can stretch your emotions and finances to the limit. In this situation, you need someone on your side — an advocate who will fight to help you obtain the benefits and compensation you have earned.

Powell & Denny, P.C., is an Alabama law firm with one mission — to help disabled and injured people obtain the compensation and benefits they have earned. We are committed to helping our clients obtain maximum benefits covering their medical care, rehabilitation services and lost wages issues. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation. We have offices in Birmingham and Huntsville to serve you.

Obtaining Benefits For More Than 45 Years

The attorneys at our law firm have represented clients for more than 45 years in cases involving:

  • Social Security Disability — If your claim has been denied or if you have not yet filed your claim, we can represent you. We will walk you through the process of filing for Social Security Disability benefits, and we will outline the Social Security Disability hearing process.
  • Supplemental Security Income — People who are unable to work due to disability or illness may be entitled to Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • Workers' compensation — We help injured workers obtain compensation for medical care, rehabilitation services and lost wages.
  • On-the-job injuries — We pursue compensation for individuals injured in construction accidents, industrial accidents, on-the-job vehicle accidents and other workplace accidents.
  • Personal injury — Our law firm seeks maximum compensation for injuries suffered in car accidents, truck accidents, premises liability accidents and other acts of negligence.

A single case can produce more than one type of claim. For example, a person who was injured in a workplace accident may be able obtain compensation from a third party or Social Security Disability benefits in addition to workers' compensation benefits. Our firm understands the complexities in these types of multiple claims. We will manage the process with the aim of maximizing the total compensation you receive.

Protecting Your Rights And Advocating To Help You Obtain Maximum Benefits

If you have suffered a serious injury, you must take action quickly to protect your rights. An attorney at Powell & Denny can evaluate your case, explain the legal process, and discuss your prospects for obtaining compensation or disability benefits.

Then we will begin building a strong and persuasive case designed to maximize your compensation or benefits.

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